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Disinfection and Sterilization Services

We are one of the leading and Dubai municipality approved disinfection service provider in UAE. We are offering you a guaranteed service with affordable price.

The causal cleaning services is not enough to protect human life especially during the pandemic situation (COVID 19), In order to lead a safe, sustainable, and healthy life, it is important to have a clean and disinfected living space, whether it is your home or office.

Freeline offers you a complete disinfection and sterilization services across UAE with the aid of our cleaning specialists and the latest eco-friendly technology and bio-safe disinfectants. Our fast and reliable industry standard disinfection and sterilization process will destroy 99.9% of microbial in air and surfaces.

Highly trained professionals are performing anti-viral & anti-bacterial no worry about our quality of safe and protect the loved ones.

Why Freeline Disinfection and Sterilization Services?

Hospital-grade disinfectants
Safe for
children and pets
Free of allergy
Eco friendly
Meet the stringent Environmental, Health and Safety HACCP Standard
Odorless, colorless, tasteless, and free alcohol & Gel

What we do ?

  • Our well-equipped team will arrive at your place geared with all safety measures PPE.
  • We will make sure all our equipment’s and the workers must be sanitized before commencing the scopes.
  • Our supervisor will give small lecture to our valid customer for entire process and scopes.
  • We will inspect all needed areas and do the pre arrangement
  • We will assure there is good ventilation for additional safety.
  • As a first step, all the surfaces and floors are made dust-free.
  • All frequent touched areas (handles, doorknobs, armrests, seatbacks, tables, air/light controls, keyboards, switches etc.) are wiped with disinfectant soaked clothes
  • Now the surfaces are then sprayed with the Dubai Municipality approved sanitation solution that will get automatically absorbed, no rinsing required.
  • Before leaving the site we make sure that all cleanup wastes (Mask, gloves, tissue papers etc.) and safety PPE securely keep it plastic bags and disposed to municipality designated and approved area.
  • The team will also self-sanitized at the completion of the process
  • Freeline service report will be provided after completion of works.
Disinfection and Sterilization Services are Available for:


  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Business or company spaces
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Educational Institutions
  • Labor camps
  • School Buses/ Commercial vehicles
  • Hospitals and Clinic
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