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7 Ways Unclean Air Ducts Can Effect Your Health

All those who have ignored the importance of duct cleaning should be aware about the consequences a dirty environment can causes in his health. Keeping your duct not cleaned means circulating dirty air all over your living space. Most of the people are spending majority of their time inside their home , and this can create serious health problems.

Causes common health problems: Dirty duct reduces the quality of air in the house, and there by promes the circulation of allergens and irritants. This in turn causes many health issues like asthma , allergies and other respiratory diseases.

Speed up aging process: Berating contaminated air originating from unlearned ducts can causes tiredness and also speed up the aging process.

Rodents and insects: The rodents and insects often occupy inside the air duct. They often carry diseases . They can also create nuisance in your living space.

Sinus problem: When you breath in the polluted air from the duct, some of them can enters into your nasal passages and then to your sinus. This can be an reason for chronic inflammatory diseases and allergies.

Weak immune system: Immune system fights against toxins and contaminates to keep the body steady and healthy. However , living in a contaminated and polluted environment may cause a rice in the stress level which in turns affects immunity.

Skin diseases: Breathing polluted air can often cause skin asthmas . The pollutants and germs circulating can cause direct skin diseases and aging

Lack of sleep: Living in a polluted environment may causes many problems like sneezing, coughing and allergies. This can affect a person’s sleep cycle and turn in health.


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