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Grease Trap Dosing System

Automated Dosing pump and bacteria and enzymes

Reduce and eliminate drainage complications

Freeline Specialist Hygiene’s biological dosing service periodically feeds kitchen drain pipes and grease traps with a biological dosing system containing environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes, which break down the grease and prevents the build-up from occurring. This regular dosing provides protection against blockages, offensive odors, flooding, and associated repercussions. Freeline Hygiene’s compact Electrical operated unit is unobtrusive and programmed to match the volume and frequency of dose to suit your daily serving times and kitchen routines. The dosing intervals can be increased during peak times in order to ensure optimum protection is maintained.

Following installation of dosing pump, Freeline carry out scheduled visits to check the condition of the drainage system, top up fluid and ensure dosing system is operating effectively. The automated solution reduces the use of traditional drain clearing techniques and extends the life of the pipe work whilst decreasing the frequency of grease trap emptying.

Our estimating team can provide you with detailed costs and offer value plumbing solutions. This will ensure that you meet your budgets, whilst having confidence that we will deliver a product & services matching your requirements and expectations.


All dosing units are automatic. They require no maintenance from kitchen staff except to replace the biological solution bottle when necessary. Professional servicing of the unit to check function and programming is recommended annually.


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